The who is the what?

This week BCM112 covered the theme

‘The Medium is the Message’.

McLuhan tells us that a message is, ‘the change of scale or pace or pattern’ that a new invention or innovation ‘introduces into human affairs.’ Note that it is not the content or use of the innovation, but the change in interBOFtzsD - Imgurpersonal dynamics that the innovation brings with it.

In shorter words, basically, the medium that any message is conveyed through can be just as important as the message itself. This change in dynamics and power between the medium and the message, has developed and increased as new technologies have entered our lives. As technology has dominated the social world we live in, a new ‘global village’ of sorts has begun to form as we all communicate through the same mediums.

However, whilst we may think that we are all receiving the same message, the medium through which it is delivered may surreptitiously insert their own bias, meaning that in reality each medium can ultimately deliver the same message differently.














3 thoughts on “The who is the what?

  1. Hey! This is a really good post! I think you’ve explained a difficult concept really really well and made it sound a lot more logical than it is (as your meme points out – it’s great by the way!) I like how you’ve got to the point and made it make more sense. The only “criticism” I have is that I think there might be some formatting problems at the start of your explanatory paragraph, which made me a little confused for like 5 seconds, but other than that this is really good! 🙂

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