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Whilst copyright laws have been around for centuries, they have never held such importance or played such a major part in every life as they do now in the 21st Century. It seems everything we watch, hear or read belongs to someone, somewhere, causing thousands of copyright battles daily on a global scale.

The debate of who owns what, and who said it first, has grown in such epic proportions that even something as simple as the word “YUUUP” has now been trademarked. Storage Wars star Dave Hester tried to sue rapper Trey Songz over the use of what is apparently his word.

These sort of legal battles occur far too often, however as time goes on, we are only seeing more phrases, songs, sounds and names being claimed. Although copyright is in place to prevent ideas from being stolen and to promote creativity, the laws surrounding copyright have become so strict they almost prevent people from being creative in the first place.

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3 thoughts on “Copyright/copywrong

  1. First of all I can completely relate to your meme! Alongside the relatable humour I think it also shows how rapidly copyright has become such a current issue since illegally downloading our favourite tunes seems like yesterday. I think the example you’ve used of trademarking words effectively demonstrates how drastic copyright is becoming. If I could suggest points for improvement for this already great post it would be to hyperlink the sources you’ve used instead of sourcing them at the bottom. Overall a very interesting and insightful post!


  2. I love the meme! 🙂
    I do agree that in today’s society it really is a battle to be creative without being deemed as breaching copyright laws.
    I think to make your article even better you could quickly touch on what copyright was like 40, 50 years ago so you can clearly see the difference between then and now.
    Regards, Larissa


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