Technological convergence

This week in BCM112 we discussed technological convergence. I think that this is a concept that is extremely representative of my generation, so I found it really interesting to learn about. Right before my eyes I have seen phones go from bricks that could hardly message to devices that allow me to speak to anyone in the world, access the internet in a heartbeat and live stream movies and T.V shows whenever and wherever I want.

As media platforms have developed and thrived, we have seen these platforms mutate and converge into new technologies. (See link for timeline of the development of mobile phones)

Sometimes we forget where these technologies started off, as we cannot imagine them in their initial state. I have put together a Prezi to show where some of the technologies we love and use the most started off and how they converged with other platforms to give us the technologies that we have today.




One thought on “Technological convergence

  1. It’s crazy how much has changed so fast and it doesn’t really feel like it. No wonder older generations are terrified of technology, you get halfway through learning to use one and another pops up…

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