Digital making – personalised products

Katie Bunnell’s reading “Craft and Digital Technology” proved to be the core of my understanding for this weeks theme. Within her paper, Bunnell discusses how throughout the 20th century, mass production resulted in the elimination of product individuality. This uniformity of products resulted in people feeling disconnected from the item and the brand itself. Obviously, companies understood that something had to be changed, leading to “an exponential growth in consumer demand for more personalised and unique products.”

Fast forward to today’s society, and almost everything can be personalised. Companies clearly saw the threat associated with mass production, and have since provided the option of buying the standard product or personalising the product to your own individual desires.



It is no longer enough for companies to just simply mass produce products. People want personalisation and products that are individual and unique.

For more info on Bunnells reading and this weeks topic, listen to me blabber on Soundcloud –





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