The Rise of Remix Culture

This week in BCM112 we looked at remix culture.

As stated in the Lawrence reading, protection and in turn copyright laws, were originally created to produce incentives for artists to create new work and to prevent theft of content. Initially, this method worked well, however not long after the digital age came along, bringing with it numerous new ways to copy things such as music without there being any copyright infringement.

Taking something that already originally existed but altering it was the new norm, and in reference to music and in particular DJ’s, it opened up a whole other world full of new possibilities.

On a regular basis I have the amusement of watching my parents faces shift from confusion to outrage as they hear some old 70’s classics playing on the radio in a new techno beat that my little sister loves.

This YouTube video is a great example –


eeLtUjJ - Imgur



2 thoughts on “The Rise of Remix Culture

  1. Hey Edan, I liked how informative this blogpost was and how it showed that the copyright laws were created for a world without digital media. It is interesting now that people are able to manipulate previous creator’s work and not face any consequences. I liked the way you also incorporated your own personal experiences and how the younger demographic sometimes don’t realise that the music they are listening to isn’t always original content. The meme was also very funny and helped to further express those ideas. You should check out the remix of the 1981 classic by Kim Carnes: It is an example of one of the ideas you explained in your blogpost, Keep up the good work! x


  2. Hey Edan! I really enjoyed reading your post! I totally agree with you that taking something and altering it is the new normal. In society today we don’t really question it and I personally still think its creative even though parts of a song may be copied. I really liked that you included a YouTube video in your post as an example as it caters for different types of learners! What you wrote about copyright was also really informative and interesting and it just shows how much the advance of technology has allowed us to do. One of my favourite remixes is this one:, inspired by “Suga Suga” by Baby Bash! Well done 🙂

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