Micro celebrities


In todays technology obsessed society, there is certainly no shortage of social media personas that can be defined as micro celebrities. It only takes 10 seconds to look on Instagrams discover feed to find thousands of ‘celebrities’ with millions of followers, promoting one thing or another.

The perfect example of this micro-celebrity lifestyle can be found on the Instagram accounts of Jay Alvarrez and Alexis Ren.

This young couple found fame on Instagram when the world became obsessed with their loved up adventures. Companies from all around the globe quickly snatched up the pair, seizing the opportunity to use the duo for advertisement and promotional purposes.

This pathway to fame is extremely common, especially on the social media platform of Instagram. Just about any attractive male or female can be classified as a promoter in today’s online world.

It seems like everyone will get there 15 minutes of fame after all.



(Just as long as you’re young and pretty)

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From citizen journalism to collective intelligence

As discussed in this weeks BCM112 class, citizen journalism is a concept that is only growing in momentum.

As noted by Axel Bruns in the weekly reading, “Citizen journalism, which often builds on, debates, and critiques the published reports of mainstream journalistic organizations, can also be seen as a form of collaborative filtering – sifting through the vast amount of information now available in online environments in order to discover the most relevant, important, or useful information for specific purposes or communities.”

It is true that there is always an overwhelming amount of content posted by citizen journalists, however this is usually where the traditional media outlets step in. It is common to see news stations sourcing out the best photo or video posted by a member of the general public and then using said source in their news story.

(Here is an example where citizen journalism has been meshed with a traditional media outlet.)

While I think that this new relationship between the general public and mass media outlets allows for more accurate and current news reporting, it seems that without even knowing it we are doing the hard work capturing these stories in the first place!

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